Naruto Manga 661 Spoiler – The Vision

Read naruto 661 prediction and  naruto 661 spoiler confirmed by ohana.
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I think it could even have been an early version of the rinnegan, Like a non mangekyou version hehe. Plus it was a crudely drawn picture so it is safe to not place bets on it as we haven’t seen it defined properly. I know that the key and Rikudou mode are different, which is why I said so in my reply. Rikudou mode is also quite different then the regular cloak, with the latter being what I was speaking of.

Considering most of Jiraiya’s techniques probably require some good chakra control, and his stance on what makes a ninja, yeah, I can believe that. He’s not Orochimaru, believing that a bunch of techniques is what makes a ninja. Releasing the Kyuubi did lead to him being able to gain complete control of the Kyuubi’s chakra and thus the cloak form.

naruto 661

naruto 661

Gaara and Shukaku are friends now. But I guess we’ll have to wait to find out what Kurama’s plan was since Madara has got him now. I liked seeing one of the past Jinchuuriki and his interactions with the Ichibi. I guess it’s good to know that there have been other people who were like the Sage of the Six Paths and didn’t think that the Bijuu were simply beings that are full of hate and that they can be saved. And having the two separate kanji on the old man’s hands be able to be put together to form the one kanji on Gaara’s forehead was a nice touch. I really like the Shukaku/Garaa development.

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